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   What We Do

What We Do

Managing agents, such as BlueGrass, are appointed to Bodies Corporate (Sectional Title) and Home Owners Associations (Mostly in the form of Non Profit Companies) by the executives of these entities. The rules of the community schemes (both Sectional Title and HOA) form the basis for the role of the managing agent. The basis for the appointment of a managing agent to a body corporate is found in Prescribed Management Rule 46 (1)(a), as follows:

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in rule 28, and subject to the provisions of section 39(1) of the Act, the trustees may from time to time, and shall if required by a registered mortgagee of 25 per cent of the units or by the members of the body corporate in a general meeting, appoint in terms of a written contract a managing agent to control, manage and administer the common property and the obligations to any public or local authority by the body corporate on behalf of the unit owners, and to exercise such powers and duties as may be entrusted to the managing agent, including the power to collect levies and to appoint a supervisor or caretaker.

The managing agent is appointed to the community scheme in terms of a written contract and the extent of the duties that are entrusted to such agent will always be specific. It should be noted that the managing agent does not usurp the roles of the scheme management. Interestingly, the long anticipated regulations in respect of the SECTIONAL TITLES SCHEMES MANAGEMENT ACT, 2011 make provision for an executive managing agent to be appointed in certain circumstances.

The appointment of an executive managing agent may well offer bodies corporate that struggle to find willing trustees a viable management solution. We are confident that we have the correct team to be effective executive managing agents to bodies corporate.

We strive to take the needs of the communities we serve into account when putting together a proposed service agreement for prospective clients. Our small enough to care, large enough to matter thinking enables us to steer clear of a one size fits all approach. The service offering below is an overview. Please click here to request a proposal.

Our comprehensive Managing Agency offering can be divided into broad, separate, yet inter-related functions, as follows:

Levy Administration that includes functions such as:

Financial Management and Reporting that includes functions such as;

Estate Management that includes functions such as:

Client Liaison that includes functions such as:

Governance that includes functions such as:

Over and above these core services we offer scheme executive training, project oversight, municipal query resolution services.

The concept of an executive managing agent has been introduced by the regulations in respect of the SECTIONAL TITLES SCHEMES MANAGEMENT ACT, 2011. Such executive managing agent is appointed in place of the trustees and would, from a holistic reading of the rules, be charged with the unfettered administration of a sectional title scheme. We believe that our team is adequately skilled and experienced to make a tangible difference to schemes.